Winnipeg is an exciting multicultural, diverse, and creative city. Its geographic isolation not only creates unique planning issues, but also nourishes innovation and experimentation. Below, we've listed some of the reasons why we, the 2015 CAPS-ACEAU Planning Team, love Winnipeg!


Winnipeg is an arts and cultural hub known for its world-renowned festivals and dynamic theatre, music, and visual art scenes.Assiniboine Park Childrens Playground - Najbol Jamamanas Ventu

At CAPS 2015 there will be countless opportunities to show planning students and practitioners the best of Winnipeg. Attractions include the much-anticipated Human Rights Museum, the historic Assiniboine Park and city’s preeminent gathering place, the Forks. Winnipeg also boasts numerous festivals year-round. The Master Playwright Festival and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra New Music Festival will both coincide with CAPS 2015. Here are a few of our favourite places in which to imagine:

Maddy KochMaddy - "My favourite place to imagine is in Assiniboine Park. I love the children's playground area. There is a statue garden nearby, and the Assiniboine Park Zoo. The pavillion building in the park is beautiful, too. Across the road is the Assiniboine Forest.The forest is this Manitoban wilderness area right in the middle of the city; it's a fantastic way to spend time in nature!"


Winnipeg is a city of neighbourhoods. It is defined by districts and streets that contribute to the pulse of the city. Among our favourite areas are the shops and restaurants in the historic Exchange District, Osborne Village, and St. Boniface:Osborne Village on Canada Day - Winnipeg Free Press

Krista Rogness

Krista - "Osborne Street is a great place for fun food and drinks. It's all local stores. It's designed different from similar shopping areas in other cities. There are several levels of stores - you go down the steps and find this great Chinese restaurant. You go upstairs to find this great little boutique shop. It feels like there's always something new to explore just around the corner."


Attendees will also be fortunate to experience the novelty of the city at the coldest time of the year. They will be able to see the unique solutions and exciting projects that Winnipegers have created to embrace the climate. In particular, the skating trails at The Forks – a 6.5 km trail on the river featuring warming huts designed by architects including Frank Gehry, and a gourmet pop-up restaurant. Here are the things we love about Winnipeg in the winter:

Adam KroekerAdam - "There is something magical about the warm glow of street lights off of the fresh snow. I recommend taking a walk down Main Street to the Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club - one of the city's most eclectic live music venues. The housecoats on the wall and the chickenwire hung from the ceiling add to its charm. The sign on their front door is a motto to all planning students: 'Culture, Not Condos.'Winter at the Forks - Leif Norman

Lea Rempel

Lea - "I love the Forks. It's a meeting place. You can take a boat out from the Forks in summer. You can walk the paths and skate down the river in the winter. There's a marketplace and many tasty restaurants."


Festival du Voyageur





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