The Plannys

The inaugural Planny Awards gala will be held on Saturday, February 7. The Planny Awards will celebrate highlights from CAPS-ACEAU 2015 by awarding trophies (or "Plannys") to outstanding student achievements from the conference.

Ten or more different Plannys will be handed out at this awards ceremony. We will announce the title and description of one Planny award each week from now until January 2015. You can find the list of announced Plannys below.

If you are an individual or organization that would like to sponsor a Planny award ($50 per Planny), please contact us. Sponsors will have their names added to the Planny category title.

Planny Award Categories

1. The Big Tweet

The Big Tweet Planny will be award to the student who is most engaged in social media related to CAPS-ACEAU 2015 leading up (and including) the conference.

Show us some CAPS-ACEAU love on Facebook, Instragram, and Twitter for your chance to win this award!

2. Early Bird Gets the Planny

Well, this one is easy! The first person to register for the conference AND submit their presentation application.

3. Dressed to Chill

It's going to be cold, so keep warm and look stylish doing it! This Planny will be awarded to the person best dressed for Winnipeg winter. Tweet, Instagram or email us your outfit during CAPS 2015 for a chance to win!

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