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Networking, socializing, presenting, and connecting with your Canadian collegues are a number of reasons why students are excited to meet up annually at the CAPS-ACEAU Conference. However, because the event changes from province to province, travel and its costs are always on the back of each students mind. The good news is that there are a number of funds/grants/sources to assist you in coming to present your work at the conference. Finding these sources is not always easy, but we’ve compiled a list of various grants available for each school. We hope to see you there!


-          Planning Institute of British Columbia

  1. PIBC 2015 Annual Canadian Association of Planning Students (CAPS) Conference Funding for $600.00 (DUE NOV 4, 2014)

-          UBC

  1. Graduate Student Travel Fund $500

-          SFU

  1. Travel and Minor Research Awards



-          University of Calgary

  1. Faculty of Graduate Studies travel Award ($750)

-          University of Alberta

  1. Graduate Travel Award ($1,100 max)
  2. GSA Professional Development Award ($500 for graduate students) 



-          University of Saskatchewan

  1. Student Travel Award (USask) - $350.00



-          University of Toronto

  1. SGS Conference Grant

-          Ryerson University

  1. Ryerson Students’ Union Travel Grant $500
  2. Ryerson Graduate Student Travel Funding $300

-          Queens University

  1. Graduate Conference Travel Award ($350)
  2. Graduate Student Conference Award ($500)

-          Guelph University

  1. GSA Travel Grant $500
  2. Miscellaneous Travel Grants



-          Dalhousie:

  1. Conference Travel Grant ($500)
  2. Travel Grant Application ($100)

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