The Town of Banff is situated in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada and located inside the boundaries of Banff National Park. It is 128 kilometres (80 miles) west of Calgary, 401 kilometres (250 miles) southwest of Edmonton and 850 kilometres (530 miles) east of Vancouver. Commercial airlines service each of these three Canadian cities, and buses to Banff and Lake Louise run year round.


By Plane – Calgary Airport is the closest major airport to Banff and you can also get to Banff from Edmonton Airport, mind you that is a lengthy but beautiful trip.  If you have purchased a registration for the conference then you will receive a discount code on the receipt from our partner airline Westjet this year.  We recommend Calgary Airport as main hub to fly into Alberta to reach your destination Banff and for all travellers to purchase trip cancellation protection insurance or a refundable ticket in the event of unforseen circumstances.


By Bus – Express buses go directly to Banff and are operated from every major bus station hub in every city and airport in Alberta.  You can book in advance or when you land at the airport simply make your way to the closest concierge and they will help you from the arrivals terminal.  Travelling by bus is the most economical method to travel to Banff if you are by yourself and frequency is super-efficient for that mode of transit.  Once you reach Banff we recommend to take a taxi to the Banff Centre if you have a lot of luggage, hop on the public transit which you can track by GPS, or simply follow the herd of delegates attending the conference throwing snowballs at each other – its kind of a tradition to aim at luggage only!  Click here to book your bus transporation from Calgary Airport to Banff via the Brewster Banff Airport Express Bus $57 and use promo code:  CAPS2016 to receive 20% off (January 2-12, 2015) when you book online or call 1.866.606.8700 to make your reservation. Be sure to ask about the cancellation policy, trip protection coverage and contact your credit card company to request insurance should you require to cancel for any circumstance.



By Car – Don’t forget to carpool.  Travelling by car for most is a luxury; however, if you carpool and share costs together it is actually the most economical and flexible mode of transportation to get to Banff.  Car rentals in Alberta is quite pricy mind you, but if you enjoy the convenience of stopping and want to take advantage of the free parking we’ve arranged at the Banff Centre for you all then the drive is quite simple from Calgary and jaw dropping from Edmonton through Jasper.  You will need a reliable GPS and an we recommend advanced online reservations.


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