We're going to go ahead and assume that the 2016 CAPS-ACÉAU Conference isn't the only thing you'll want to do when you visit us in January.  If you are looking to INVIGORATE the psyche as you embark into the New Year then this page will be a great resource for you.

And even if you're familiar with the Canadian Rockies, hopefully you'll discover something that you haven't seen or experienced before. Without further ado:



Getting Around Banff:

Banff's a city that needs to be walked around to fully experience, but INVIROGATE 2016 is in January and it'll be cold, so here's how you can get around without getting frostbite:  We recommend warm clothing accompanied by warm accessories :)

Roam Public Transit – Leave your car behind and enjoy the experience of riding in one of Banff's energy-efficient Roam Buses. Service runs daily throughout town from 6:15 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. for $2.00 each way or $5 for an unlimited day pass – we highly recommend.  The transit system is super efficient and has GPS tracking so you can see in real time where the buses are in proximity to your location.

Taxis – Banff’s taxi services (Taxi Taxi or Banff Taxi) service the city and surrounding region conveniently don't worry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year – and accept all forms of payment.  They offer all size of vehicles for individuals or groups and can even customize a tour for you for that epic selfie.  All their drivers have a thorough knowledge of Banff and surrounding areas and are happy to help you explore or get you to your destination safely.  Don’t hesitate to call 403.762.0000

Bike Rental – Believe it or not, biking in the winter in the Canadian Rockies is still a major mode of transportation for the avid adventurer – weather permitting.  For some the snow does not stop them and in fact for others it’s more encouraging.  There are numerous bike rental shops to choose from - shop around for the best deal.



For the Flaneurs:

A little over a century ago Banff was simply Banff Avenue.  The Canadian Pacific Railway and tourism opened the doors to modern architecture, growing neighbourhoods, and easy accessibility to all its nearby wonders.  Whether you decide to take in a walk, snow shoe, run, dog sled, ski, hike, or charter a tour with new friends that you meet at the 2016 CAPS-ACEAU Conference be sure to schedule some time to INVIGORATE in the Canadian Rockies at one or all of its natural landmarks.

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For the Culterati:

The Cave and Basin National Historic Sitewas discovered in 1883 by Canadian Pacific Railway workers William McCardell, his brother Tom, and their partner Frank McCabe, discovered this natural hot spring and would become the start of Canada's National Parks system.  At the Cave and Basin National Historic Site, learn all about the history of Banff National Park, the building of the railroad, and the importance of the National Parks system in Canada.  Hours of operation (Wednesday – Sunday $3.90): 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Town Hall Art Gallery - features artwork exhibitions by local artists. Artwork exhibitions rotate monthly at the Banff Town Hall, 110 Bear Street.   Hours of operation: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday (closed on statutory holidays).


Whyte Museum of the Canadian RockiesA permanent exhibition, Gateway to the Rockies shares the history of the Canadian Rockies using artifacts, artworks, archival photographs, recordings and documents. This fun, interactive exhibition (complete with a full-size helicopter and a Brewster touring car) brings to life the men and women who shaped the culture of these mountains.  Hours of operation:  Open Daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Banff CentreA steady stream of big thinkers and artistic superstars flow through the Banff Centre in the Rocky Mountains.  We have strategically located the conference at this hub so that you can conveniently explore the abundance that this world renowned centre for innovation and creativity will offer to you.  Plan, Invigorate, Play, and Explore ;)



For the Explorers:

Brewster Travel – We have partnered with the Canadian Rockies best and most affordable tour provider to deliver that epic adventure you have been craving for and taken the extra mile to include Lake Louise or a ski pass in your conference program at no additional charge – now that’s value!  Some other activities you explorers may fancy include:

Snowshoeing or Dogsledding - An easy way for people of all levels of fitness to explore the quiet beauty of winter in the mountains. It’s also often a chance to view winter wildlife.

Glacier Skywalk - A thrilling glass-floored walkway, a full 280 metres above the Sunwapta valley, offering a bird's eye view of glaciers, mountain crags and wildlife along the cliffs below.

IcewalkIf you haven't embraced the cold or experienced the wonder of ice in the Canadian Rockies this is the perfect way to do it.  The Johnston Canyon ice walk (Note: Also offered in the evening) safely traverses steel and railed walkway paths along the canyon with a cathedral of ice formations that will intrigue your imagination as you experience the lower and upper falls.  If you are looking for something a little bit less risky then try the Grotto Canyon Icewalk which will allow you to safely walk over a frozen creek as you explore the wonder of nature and ice from a comfortable distance while still getting those epic photos to remember your experience.



For the Gourmands:

Beaver Bar – If you are looking for somewhere with great pub food that is affordable, has cheerful international travellers to connect with that are easy going like yourself, and free entertainment then look no further.  Indie bands have made this place a must stop in Banff just because the Thursday night open mic offers the right atmosphere to jam, connect and enjoy comfort food on a cold day. 

Block Kitchen – Vibrant and eclectic new tapas.  They have everything to tickle your fancy appetite and are known as the city’s newest hot spot.  This venue is great for sharing amongst a group to try a variety of fusion inspired food or even for take-out when you are looking for that healthier option.

Nourish Vegetarian Bistro - Delicious, creative Food-Fresh-From-Farm-To-Table (Say that 10 times really fast). Organic wine, spirits, and beers at an elegant eco-bar.  It is Banff's premiere vegetarian oasis with a commitment to dishes inspired by innovation.  Even the avid meat eater finds their way to this restaurant because of it aromatics that pull in every passerby in the area.

Three Ravens Restaurant – Fresh. Seasonal.  Creative.  Known as Banff’s hidden gem and one of the top three restaurants in the city; it is conveniently located in the Banff Centre which is the hub of the 2016 CAPS-ACEAU Conference. Reservations recommended for this culinary experience that will blow your mind away - Alberta is known for their gourmet beef after all.



For the Touristas: 

Wildlife Tour – The Canadian Rockies is not only known for it’s breathtaking views, you are steps away from one of the most unique ecosystems in the world.  Adventure out into the wild with one of Banff’s guided tours that guarantee an experience that is going to change the way you think about nature, space, and planning.

Shoppaholics – Whether for you or that special someone, Banff Avenue has everything you need and so does its surrounding arterials.  Alberta has the cheapest taxes in the country and some of the best seasonal shopping in the country to get the most for your buck.  There is literally something for everyone – so shop responsibly ;)

Venture Further – The Columbia Icefields, Yoho and the road to Jasper is just North of Banff.  The best views of the Rockies in the warm comfort of your tour bus or train awaits you.  The majority of people who take the time to adventure this far out always tell you they can’t believe why they ever came back because it was so breathtaking.






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