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CAPS-logo The CAPS Conference Planning Committee is composed of students from the City of Toronto's three planning programs at Ryerson University, the University of Toronto, and  York University. We sincerely hope you enjoy Transformations 2014 and get a chance to connect with your peers, planning professionals, and us! We'd love to hear from  you.


Letter from the President:

What an excellent time to be a planning student in Canada!

The inherent interdisciplinary nature of planning has become even more complex. Our profession is becoming distinguished among many; a trust is being placed in planners to deal with subjects such as politics, economics, the environment, infrastructure, design, engineering, architecture, consultation, facilitation and increased public engagement. Our institutions are recognizing this and exposing us to numerous learning tools that emphasize this transformation. The opportunities to get involved in the planning transformation has exploded, and enthusiasm in the profession from the public has increased to the point where planners can no longer discount their voice, and the public can no longer overlook the profession.

The 30th Anniversary CAPS-ACEAU Conference in Toronto aims to bring together professionals and students in an engaging conversation; circumnavigating the transformation that our industry is currently going through, and the transformations in discourse, projects and developments all result in the transformational conversations that will take place.

On behalf of the CAPS-ACEAU organization, let me be among the first to welcome you to Toronto – a truly global metropolis. Go out, walk and explore the surroundings of the city, and see for yourself the amazing transformations taking place.

Warmest regards

Bienvenue à Toronto!

Matt M. Boscariol


CAPS Conference Planning Executive Committee

boscariol photo
 Matthew Boscariol
CAPS-ACEAU President
Matt is a Masters of Environmental Studies in Planning student at York University interested in how political influences shape planning developments. He is interested in politically charged issues, is active in his community and with Toronto city councillor Maria Augimeri.

bradfordallieAllison Bradford, M.E.S. Pl. Candidate
CAPS-ACEAU Vice-President
Urbaninist, flãneuse, and aspiring planner, Allison Bradford is the CAPS-ACEAU Vice-President.  As a dedicated city builder and emerging professional, Allison joins CAPS-ACEAU with professional planning experience in both the public and non-profit sectors.  Her research focuses on the intersections of pedestrianism, landscape urbanism, and the implications for downtown revitalization. Allison is a M.E.S Pl. candidate at York University, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies.  She is an active and engaged student who continually follows the planning, landscape urbanism, and urban design community with great enthusiasm, and enjoys collaborating on a variety of meaningful projects. 

danny2Danny Brown, M.Sc. Pl. Candidate
CAPS-ACEAU Secretary
Danny Brown is excited to graduate this year from the Masters of Science in Planning program at the University of Toronto where he is specializing in Environmental Planning. A Torontonian born and bred, Danny is a keen student of sustainabie technologies, ecological policies, and digital engagement. He wants to help prepare cities to suceed in an unpredictable world and has a passion for creative and innovative spaces and places. A writer, cyclist and local activist in his spare time, he is currently conducting ongoing research into public space design with OpenCity Projects and is burrowing into his Master's project on the relationship between crowdsourcing/crowdfunding platforms and traditional planning authorities. 
cooper2Kevin Cooper
CAPS-ACEAU Vice-President Internal Affairs
Kevin Cooper is currently in his forth year of Urban and Regional Planning at Ryerson University. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta he came to Toronto to seek solutions in affordable housing, homelessness and creating strong communities through social planning.
As the CAPS-ACEAU Vice-President of Internal Affairs, Kevin will help bring together dynamic speakers, key-decision-makers and groundbreaking researchers in a series of student focused workshops, walks, lectures and networking events to provide students with an opportunity to learn, meet new people, and discover interesting perspectives of modern city-building. Kevin's interests in urban and regional planning focus on affordable housing, social policy, community development and homelessness where he has led related research projects on behalf of the Capital Region Housing Corporation and the City of Edmonton.
Rachel Lee
Rachel Lee
CAPS-ACEAU Treasurer
Rachel is completing her fourth year of Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning at Ryerson University. She is particularly interested in urban design, the real estate and urban development as well as the adaptive re-use of heritage buildings.







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