Toronto's Transformation

Old Toronto

The City of Toronto is Canada's largest municipality at 2.6 million people. Since it's formation by First Nations as a trading post, Toronto has always been a meeting place, a location where peoples from across the world have gathered and shaped communities. It's impossible to neatly separate the changes that this city has experienced into discrete eras; it has constantly evolved and transformed over time. As we look towards a future of unstable economies, unpredictable weather, and paradigm-shifting technologies, Toronto's evolution will only accelerate.

Currently, the City of Toronto is undergoing one of the most significant changes in its history. With the most high-rise developments under construction in North America and many more mid-rise residences and businesses slated, the very face of Toronto is changing. All these new buildings will transform its character, its flow, and its possibilities. New arrivals, from other countries and other Canadian cities and towns, continue to flood into the City at an unprecedented rate: approximately 10 000 new people every year. To accommodate them all, Toronto is going to need to reevaluate its policies, its governance and its economy. And with the ever-present threat of climate change compromising our infrastructure, our food security, and our energy systems, Toronto needs clever and forward-thinking individuals more than ever before.

We will need all kinds of folks to help us transform our 630 square kilometres of life. Planners, innovators, entrpreneurs, radicals, conservatives, activists, community leaders, developers and conservationists will be at the centre of Toronto's Transformation. We need them to create art, to make a scene, to guide our decision-making, to challenge our perspectives, and to continue to build a city that continues to be ranked among the most liveable in the world.

Join us, won't you, in this transformation? We'd love to have you.


City Rising (Toronto Timelapse) from Tom Ryaboi on Vimeo

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