Who says Jane Jacobs gets to have all the fun? We here at CAPS think that walking tours are just the bees knees and so we're bringing you several events to get you thinking about your cities and the transformations they are undergoing. So far we have two walks organized in Toronto, but we will be communicating with all planning schools about how you can get involved and host your own tours as well!

Re-Imagining the Silent City

Date: Thursday, February 6, 2014 (2-4 PM)

Meeting location1643 Yonge Street Gates - Mount Pleasant Cemetery


Transit Options: Take the subway to St. Clair station and walk north to Mount Pleasant Cemetery or to Davisville station and walk south to the location.

Description: Bringing a spatial lens to death, dying, mourning and remembrance makes their everyday occurrence in the city explicit – and alerts urban planning discourses to recognize their significance. This walk focuses on reimagining and reconceptualising urban planning practices for deathscapes in diverse cities. This includes planning for the built environment, as well as cultural practices of memorialization. This walk also encourages consultation with professionals in the death industry, municipal representatives, community members and urban planners to achieve a starting place for transformative regional urban planning – based on the changing needs of diverse cities such as Toronto.


Shapes of the Junction Triangle

Date: Friday, November 22nd (3:30-5 PM)

Meeting location: Dundas St. West and Sterling Road

Transit Options: Take Bloor Line (Subway) west to Lansdowne Station, then take the number 47 bus south to College St. The location can also be accessed by the Dundas Street streetcar number 506.

Description: The walk will look at some of the forces that have shaped the Junction Triangle and how these have evolved, and are still evolving today. A little history, a little politics, and lots of cool stuff!


The tour will be conducted primarily along the Railpath as it is accessible and fun. Our final stop will be at Café Con Leche on Dupont. The length of the walk will be 2 km and will take approximately 1.5 hours at most.



1. Meet at Sterling Road and Dundas—intro to the formation of the Junction Triangle

2. Alcan to Castlepoint—employment lands versus mixed use: the battle rages on

3. Solways Metals –the industrial age dies out

4. Railpath the gem that almost wasn’t and Stamps and Paint—why did industry leave?

5. The Union Lofts - a repurposing of the past

6. Café Con Lache- The rebirth of Dupont Street

The tour will be led by Junction Triangle resident Scott Dobson, an award winning documentary film maker (PBS, CBC) who has always been keenly interested in local politics and history. For the past 30 years he has been actively involved in many community groups and organizations in Toronto's West End. Most recently he has been involved in the creation and expansion of the West Toronto Railpath.

Second Chance: Buildings Rejuvenated on Queen Street West with Denise McMullin and Jordan McLeod

Date: Tuesday, October 15th (12PM – 1PM)

Meeting location: Toronto - Queen West and Bathurst. Walk will be on Queen West. Starting at Bathurst and ending at Dufferin.


Description: Some of our best cultural destinations on vibrant Queen West, were nearly demolished in the past decade due to disrepair. These buildings were given a second chance and through their success are just as viable today as they were over 100 years ago. 


Walking stops: Drake Hotel, Gladstone Hotel and The Great Hall


Planning the Healthy City with Joey Reeder & Emily Osborne


Date: Wednesday, October 16th (3PM - 5PM) 

Meeting Location: Toronto - Southwest corner of College and University Avenue

Description: The disciplines of urban planning and public health were once united to manage the complexity of health in urban environments. Around the world, an interest is emerging in both fields to break down professional silos and work in partnership to ensure that urban planning supports the healthy city, rather than exacerbating health issues ranging from obesity to mental illness. Join Joey and Emily as they lead a walking tour that explores the physical landscape of urban planning practice and policy and its impacts on health. 

We will make stops at University and College Subway entrance; John Street Farmers Market; Alexandra Park co-op and CAMH to talk about different facets of healthy city planning ranging from active transportation and access to healthy food to building socially cohesive communities.

Want to Host Your Own CAPS Walk?

The 2014 CAPS conference will be taking place in Toronto at the TIFF Bell Lightbox from Feb 6th to 8th. In preparation for the conference, the Canadian Association of Planning Students (CAPS-ACEAU) would like to engage students across Canada to organize student-led walks about transformational planning in their local community.

The walk can be led in one of three ways:

1) One student guide

2) Co-led between two or more students

3) Co-led between student(s) and professional(s)

The leader of walk does not have to be an 'expert' in planning, the purpose is to guide planning students from location to location and allow everyone in the group to discuss what they know about transformational planning along the walking route. Bike tours are also a possibility.

A recommended size for the walks is between 8 to 15 people.

The CAPS planning committee would like to display photos from the walks at the 2014 CAPS conference. The CAPS planning committee will also aid in the promotion of your walk via Facebook notifications and Twitter. For promotion purposes we will need: a walking date, brief description of the walk, meeting place, start time and end time.

To arrange a walk please contact:

Kevin Cooper
Vice-President - Internal Affairs, CAPS-ACEAU |
Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University |
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  |
P: 416-858-7918




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