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Planning Horizons: The Edge, Future and Potential of Planning

February 2 – 4, 2012

The Canadian Association of Planning Students – L’Association Canadienne des Étudiants en Aménagement et en Urbanisme (CAPS-ACEAU) is a non-profit student-driven organization that hosts an annual conference for Canadian planning students.

The annual CAPS-ACÉAU conference is the primary event for students and researchers in urban, rural and regional planning disciplines at Canadian universities. In recent years it has also become a major event for those in related fields such as terrestrial and marine resource management, geography and policy studies. It has been held in a different Canadian City each year for over 25 years.

The 2012 conference is titled Planning Horizons: The Edge, Future, and Potential of Planning. It will be held on February 2nd – 4th at SFU’s downtown Vancouver campus and various locations around the city. As indicated by the title, the focus of the 2012 conference is an exchange of perspectives from students and professionals on what is cutting-edge in planning today.

Four themes will run through the presentations and events of the conference:

• Inspiring Potential: Showcasing what is exciting about planning today

• Championing Creativity: Generating innovation and leadership in planning

• Finding Voices: Engaging with many diverse communities and disciplines

• Widening Our Lens: Looking beyond the conventional scope of planning

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