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Answers to frequently asked questions will be posted here.

Q: Can I present my research or project at CAPS-ACÉAU 2012?

Yes! CAPS-ACÉAU is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to professionally present their work.

Q: Do you have to be a planning student in an accredited planning school to present/attend?

A: No- CAPS-ACÉAU 2012 is open to all students (undergraduate and graduate) in any discipline, if they are interested in planning or subject related to planning. We invite and encourage delegates and presenters from diverse disciplines.

Q: Can international students attend CAPS-ACÉAU 2012?

A: All students (undergraduate and graduate) are welcome to attend CAPS-ACÉAU 2012. However, we cannot offer funding to support international travel.

Q: Is there a travel discount available?

Yes there is. WestJet is offering a 10% discount. Go to the Travel and Accommodation site to find out more.

Q: Is there funding available to support me attending CAPS-ACÉAU 2012?

A: CAPS-ACÉAU itself cannot provide funds to support students' travel or registration fees. However, we are pursuing potential scholarship or bursary opportunities with our conference sponsors and will alert delegates of opportunities if and when they arise.


For a chance to win the cost of your registration, enter the CAPS-ACÉAU 2012 Photo Contest!

We recommend you investigate funding support offered through your program, Department, University/College, or organization.

Consider contacting your regional planning organization to request funding support. In addition, the following organizations may provide opportunities for student funding:

Planning Institute of B.C.

Ontario Professional Planners Institute

Canadian Institute of Planners

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