Professional Development Workshops

Teamwork Strategies in Practice – Dr. Mark Seasons, FCIP & Interim Dean Faculty of Environment Planners often work as part of a team in education and professional practice. These teams are often multi-disciplinary and are made up of members with a wide variety of backgrounds, training and communication styles. In many cases, it is the role of the planner to facilitate and manage the work of the team. Dr. Mark Seasons will provide training in practical strategies for planners as both leaders and members of professional teams.

Design Charrette Studio – Dr. John Lewis, ASLA & Associate Professor & Karen Hammond, Lecturer and Manager of Design In many of our cities and regions there are sites or districts which have suffered for their lack of resilience to change. Planners have the opportunity to provide vision and direction in the use and design of these spaces to create vital and vibrant places through comprehensive planning and urban design. Dr. John Lewis will lead a design charette studio for a site in Waterloo Region in need of vision and renewal. Participants with any level of prior urban design experience are encouraged to participate.

Toastmasters International Presentation Skills Great vision and ground-breaking ideas cannot be realized in our cities and regions unless they are effectively communicated. Planners are often required to present their ideas clearly and effectively to directors, City Council, professional organizations, and the public. A member of Toastmasters International (or similar group) will provide training in effective presentation skills in this hands-on workshop.

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