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UpTown Waterloo – Mid-Size Cities and Growth Plan Conformity Growth pressures and a limited supply of land for greenfield development in Waterloo have resulted in the need for redevelopment and intensification. An innovative strategy of concentrating intensification within a hierarchy of nodes and corridors centred around the UpTown is a key part of resilience planning in the face of growth pressures in Waterloo and many other cities in southwestern Ontario. The ongoing BarrelYards development is a case study in intensification and conformity to provincial growth targets using a large brownfield site close to the UpTown, employment, transit, services, and recreational facilities.

St. Jacobs – Rural Urban Interface and Heritage Conservation St. Jacobs is a historic village located just next to Waterloo. Regional plans have acted to preserve the important interface between urban Waterloo and its rural hinterland. St. Jacobs plays an important role in the Region through its famous market selling local foods, unique heritagescapes and the beautiful rural environment in close proximity to the built-up urban area.

Downtown Kitchener – Adaptive Reuse, Brownfield Remediation and Downtown Revitalization Downtown Kitchener provides an excellent example of resilience in planning for mid-sized cities. Kitchener’s downtown is in the process of a resilient transformation after a period of decline as a result of the loss of its industrial and manufacturing base. Municipal efforts through the creation of an Economic Development Investment Fund, the King Street Master Plan and streetscape improvements have lead to renewed private investment, adaptive reuse and brownfield redevelopment. Downtown Kitchener is being redefined from a hollowed-out post-industrial core to a hub of digital media, education and research.

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