Matt Blackett

Matthew Blackett is the publisher, creative director and one of the founders of Spacing magazine. As publisher, Blackett has helped shape the magazine into one of Canada's top small magazines: Blackett was named Editor of the Year for 2007 by the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors and Spacing was named Canadian Small Magazine of the Year in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Blackett was awarded a 2007 Canadian Urban Leadership Award for "City Soul" by the Canadian Urban Institute for his part in creating Spacing. Under Blackett's artistic direction, the magazine has also been awarded international design awards for its layout, photography and TTC-inspired subway station buttons.

From 2004 to 2006, Blackett was a member of Toronto's Roundtable on a Clean and Beautiful City, a citizen advisory committee to Mayor David Miller. Blackett was awarded a 2007 Canadian Urban Leadership Award for "City Soul" by the Canadian Urban Institute. From 2006-2009 Matthew was a member of the board of directors for The Friends of the Greenblelt Foundation. Matthew is currently a member of the City of Toronto's Pedestrian Committee, and member of the board of directors of The Friends of Fort York.

Since 2001, Blackett has been a freelance graphic designer and communications strategist for a variety of organizations like the Car Free Day, The Sierra Club of Canada, Conservation Council of Ontario, Toronto Atmospheric Fund, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, and the Toronto Transit Commission. Matthew also taught publication design to journalism students at Humber College in Toronto from 2005-2008.

Maurice Nelischer

With over 27 years teaching, research and practice experience Maurice still thrives on the energy gained through engagement with students, faculty and the profession. Over the years he has focused efforts on the scholarship of teaching and developing skills in teaching and administration taking on various roles including , undergraduate program coordinator, department and school director, and president of the International Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture.  He has developed a particular interest in teaching design at the introductory level .  For the past number of years he has also been the director of the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development at the University of Guelph.

Sabbatical leaves have allowed him to experience, and contribute to, other programs as a visiting scholar and professor at MIT, University of Miami, University of Portugal, and Cal Poly.  As an ongoing chair of  accreditation teams he has a comprehensive view of various administrative cultures and procedures at universities across North America.  His scholarly activity has included publication of books and journal articles, research into sustainable landscape practices, communications, visual simulation, and teaching methods. He has been awarded a number of university and international teaching awards and has been called upon to help restructure programs at a number of universities.

He is a strong advocate of service learning and community outreach, recognizing the value of serving, and learning from, the community. He is widely traveled and embraces and global view particularly as it will affect graduates moving on to become effective citizens.

Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon (M.Sc. M.C.I.P.) is Senior Central Area Planner for the City of Vancouver overseeing planning in the downtown peninsula. He has been an Adjunct Professor teaching Housing Policy at the University of British Columbia for eight years. He has also served on several Boards of Directors including Neighbourhoods USA, a national networking organization of community-based groups and the Ontario Public Interest Research Group. From 2004 - 2007, Michael represented British Columbia planners on the Governing Council for the Canadian Institute of Planners. Recently, he was also Vice-President of the Planning Institute of British Columbia. He was Programme Chair for the 2006 World Planners Congress in Vancouver and the BC Land Summit held in Whistler, BC in May 2009.

He has written extensively on urban design and planning, demographics and housing and is currently collaborating on a book on urban subcultures in North American communities. Cultural issues are of interest to him with his involvement on the Board of Directors for the Helen Pitt Gallery. Currently, he continues to be on the Board of Directors of the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition. He has collaborated with others on the production of three documentaries. Currently, he has completed an article with Matt Bourke on the demographics of families with children in high density neighbourhoods in Vancouver and an article on planning for Live Entertainment, with Mark Pickersgill. He has been invited to speak and advise on urban issues in Berlin, New York, Seattle, Philadelphia, Portland, Memphis, Fort Worth, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Los Angeles. He has also received a number of awards for achievements in planning and his volunteer contributions to city planning and community groups.

Mohammad Qadeer

Mohammad A. Qadeer is a professor emeritus of urban and regional planning at Queen’s University. He was the director of the School of Urban and Regional Planning for about 10 years and a full time teacher for 30 years. The author of three books, numerous monographs, reports and articles, recently he has been studying and writing about multicultural planning. His pioneering article, ‘pluralistic planning for multicultural cities: the Canadian practice’ was awarded Honorable mention for Best Article by the American Planning Association in 1997. Presently he is writing a book about the multicultural city.

Pascal Lavoie

Pascal Lavoie holds a master degree in urban planning from the Institut d'urbanisme de l'Université de Montréal. He currently works as Program Manager, Asia Region, at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) International. As the main person in charge of the Asia portfolio within the Municipal Partnership Program, his role is to mobilize Canadian municipal expertise to assist the development of local government partners in 3 countries in Asia. This includes capacity building support to 4 association of local governments, and 11 partnership projects between Canadian municipalities and their overseas counterparts. Pascal has lived in Vietnam for 3 years and he has extensive working experience there, as well as in Indonesia, the Philippines and Cambodia, and he has also worked on projects in Laos and Thailand.

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