Becoming a Professional

9 Steps to Becoming a Certified Professional Planner

1. Graduate from School!

The easiest way to become a professional planner begins by graduating from an accredited planning program.

2. Get a Planning Job

After you graduate, the next step is finding a job as a planner.
Once you have a job, you are expected to sign up for candidate membership with your provincial planning affiliate (MPPI, OPPI, etc.). You must keep up this membership for the certification process.

3. Submit Application to PSB

You must submit an application to start the certification process. The completed application includes:
• A completed application form from the PSB website
• A letter from your employer, confirming your employment information
• A job description
• Official transcript of your academic degree
• The names of your Mentor and Sponsor (within 90 days of applying)
• An application fee payment (Cost: $375)

Once you have been approved, PSB will connect you with your local affiliate so you can become a Candidate member.

4. Begin Mentorship (min. 1 year)

You will need to find a Mentor to guide you during the certification process. Your Mentor can be a supervisor or work partner at your
place of employment that has more than 3 years experience as a Registered member.

5. Log Experience (min. 2 years)

You can log work experience at the same time as you are completing the mentorship requirements. In order to log the necessary work experience, you will need to identify a Sponsor who will monitor your work during this stage of the process.
Your Sponsor will also need to have more than 3 years of experience as a Registered or Certified member (MCIP, RPP/LPP).

6. Pass Ethics & Professionalism Test

You may take the Ethics & Professionalism course at any time during the Certification process.
Once you have completed the course, you may write the Ethics & Professionalism exam. You can take the exam at any time during the year. (Cost: $595)

7. Submit Logbook to PSB

Next, you will have to submit your signed Record of Mentorship and signed Record of Practical Work Experience (log book) to the PSB office. Your Mentor will complete and sign off on your Record of Mentorship once s/he is satisfied that you have accomplished the program’s objectives have been accomplished, including:
• A log of all meetings you have had with your Mentor
• A summary of all other mentorship activities
• Documentation of issues covered

Your Sponsor will complete and sign off on your Record of Practical Work Experience.

8. Write Professional Exam

Once all other requirements are complete, you may register to take your Professional Examination.
The Professional Examination is only offered two times during the year – in March and in September. (Cost: $500)

9. Professional Certification

If you pass the Professional Examination, PSB will recommend you for Professional certification.
Congratulations! Once you have been approved by your Affiliate, you become a Certified Planner.

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